The parts we carry for our stoves are:

  1. Fahrenheit Draft Blower Gaskets

  2. Magnum 7500 Furnace Auger Pins

  3. Magnum 7500 Room Blower

  4. Magnum Countryside/6500 Motor for Auger Feed

  5. Magnum Countryside Brick Board

  6. Magnum Countryside Gold Door & Nickel Door

  7. Magnum Countryside Gold Deflector & Nickel Deflector

  8. Magnum Countryside Fuel Stirrer

  9. Magnum Countryside Replacement Clear Glass

  10. Magnum Countryside Replacement Etch Glass (Pheasant)

  11. Magnum Countryside/ BC/AC Green Legs

  12. Magnum 7500 Auger Gear Motor

  13. Magnum Countryside Fuel Stirrer Pots

  14. St. Croix Auburn Gold Door, St Croix Auburn Nickel Door, St Croix Auburn Black Door

  15. St Croix Biomass Pots

  16. St Croix Auburn Steel Board Set

  17. St Croix Lancaster/Greenfield Steel Board Set

  18. St Croix Auburn/Lancaster/Greenfield Replacement Ash Pans

  19. Used Magnum Countryside Circuit Board Parts


Other essential items are:

  1. kitchen tongs

  2. welding gloves

  3. shovels

  4. gel and pellet fire starter

  5. stove touch up paint (flat black, metallic black, forest green, redwood, almond, honey glow brown)

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